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Help your distributed teams to collaborate and thrive together

in an interactive digital office that increases productivity and engagement.

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MDO is a visual tool that helps you see status.

Sick of just green, yellow, and red status icons? My Digital Office allows remote teams to see, plan, and interact with each other like never before. Engage in the flow of working together in-person with powerful collaboration tools within an interactive digital office environment.

Why use an online office?

Improve Collaboration

Easily see where your coworkers are and who they're working with on a daily basis. Jump into a quick meeting with one-click collaboration and presentation tools.

Increase Productivity

Access all of your organization's tools and documents in one place. In your digital office you have whiteboards for tasks, and desks for storing important documents. You can always see what needs to be done and when.

Drive Engagement

Offices are social places, and remote teams can often struggle with feeling disengaged. My Digital Office allows you to re-create the flow of working side-by-side with features that make for happy and engaged teams.


Digital Workplace

My Digital Office is a complete online digital workplace, with desks, rooms, and even an office phone. You get all of the benefits of having a brick-and-mortar office without needing one.

Ever Google: "Current time in New York?"

See current status and local time in just one glance. Join together in a video, chat session, or working document with just one click.

Everyone in the loop, without all of the meetings

Spending extra time letting your team know what you are doing? My Digital Office automates status and time management, so everyone is in the loop.

Ready to open your own digital office?

My Digital Office is a powerful tool for working online. Try it for free.

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