Why we need a no-commute culture.

Beyond global warming, which you may choose to believe in or not, why is no-commute the future of work? We see it this way, hours commuting via car or in a packed train could be hours doing something else! If on average commuters spend 30 minutes a day going to and from work, and there are 10 million people like this, by adopting a no-commute culture we would save a lot of time. 5,000,000 hours per day, or 208,333 days, or 570 years of human life would be saved every day.

What nay sayers say

ALL or NOTHING people
In some fields being psychically on location or having in-person meetings is essential. No one is saying that we stop doing that in these fields. But the days you do not need to commute, why would you? Making a presentation and discussing the details with your colleagues can be done completely remote. Take those days as no-commute days!

Remote video conferencing has poor quality

We agree with this for the normal reasons and a few extra reasons. Users can have bad video cameras or questionable internet connections. Tech cannot overcome these problems yet, and may never be able to. If you are working remote make sure you have a solid internet connection and a decent mic / camera.

Start saving human life. Adopt no-commute days.


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December 28th, 2019