What happens if you are sick in a remote team?

As a fully remote team really basic things like explaining that you are sick becomes a challenge. You can post it in a channel and a few people may notice, as posts continue in the channel your original message gets lost.

‘Hey where are you at?’ becomes a common question the following days, until the information flows through your team: ‘Oh! She was sick that day!’

If you were in a normal office everyone could see that you were absent or blowing your nose more often than normal. In a remote team, it is harder to pick up on these visual queues. Not because it is an inherent problem of being remote, but because many existing tools do not let you communicate information efficiently.

We have added a new feature that let’s you visually communicate personal status so your whole team can see in one glance and understand. You can change your status to ‘music’ and your team will see a music note by your avatar. Everyone who comes in knows: “Oh she is listening to music right now”. With ‘sick’ as your status your team will know: “Oh, he is not feeling well today.”

Any other ideas for status icons your would like to communicate visually? Let us know!


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February 25th, 2020