Virtual conferences, parties, and offices: Brave new world or Bizarro?

Novel Corona Virus has resulted in the explosion of remote communication tool adoption globally. Many who have never tried a Zoom party, or would have never even wanted to try one under normal circumstances, are now at least aware that such a thing exists. You may have even participated in one yourself. If not, you may be in the Houseparty scene, which saw a staggering 50 million new app signups in just one month. What happens when the restrictions are lifted and the world starts going back to normal? Has our behavior been changed so fundamentally as consumers, companies, and social beings that we can never go back to the way things were? This is a brave new world and it’s Bizarro’s.


If you have not participated in a virtual conference or coworking space we suggest that you try one now. There are various places on our platform and jumping into one with 30 or more active participants is truly a game changer. Extroverts fall in love, while introverts feel at home in a similar interactive online space that they may have felt in RL. We have a ‘I am not here right now’ visual status system.

Another key differentiator is that virtual events have no boundaries. You can host an event, in any country and have participants come in from everywhere. You can mark a table as a specific language or continent group, and have people jump from table to table networking on a global scale.

Virtual events in a skeuomorphic space, is a new trend that we expect will only continue strongly into the future.


No one would have expected virtual parties to ever overcome RL parties, in both participation and scale. The thinking was: no technology can truly mimic what it is like to interact in person, so until VR or another technology goes mainstream, RL parties would stay a main-stead globally. This has drastically changed in a short amount of time, and many of our thinking has done a 180. Virtual parties allow us to network much further, effectively connect with the people we like, and provide sufficient social barriers that just do not exist in RL.


Remote work was already a highly trending topic of 2019. The benefits include a global pool of candidates, reduced cost of renting a brick-and-mortar office space, and increased efficiency from a non-commute work culture. With mostly just upside to remote work, many companies were already making the transition.

The key question left was: how do we do it? Many companies were experimenting with chat services, Zoom, and other tools. Moreover, many were finding out that those did not fill the complete picture for their businesses. Water-cooler serendipity: the act of impromptu conversations seemed to be totally lost. Communication needed to be purely async, because you never really knew who was around or not.

My Digital Office solves many of these issues. If you have not tried a virtual interactive office space yet, we would love to show you around!

Our Bizarro World

The Real World often transforms in ways that are not in our expectations. In fact, we could not even imagine some of the things that happen! The best we can do is use our good sense now, plan, and execute plans for where we see ourselves in the future. We draw the arrow and fire at an ever moving target hoping to hit a bulls eye.


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May 12th, 2020