Tokyo Is Going Remote For The Olympics

The build up for the Olympics has cost Japan, millions of dollars in expenditure and has taken years to plan for. We are now just a short while away from the actual event and it seems that, every day a new company is reporting that it will do telework during the two week sporting event. Tokyo is already a very crowded city, there are even famous images of people getting pushed into trains by station attendants during rush hour. What will happen with the influx of foreigners during the Olympics? Most companies do not want to hang around to find out.

NEC, Mitsubishi, and Softbank are just a few of the big names that have done press stating that their workforce will be partially or fully, remote for the Olympics. Tech companies seem to have an easier time making the transition; if you are a coder you can code anywhere with a computer and internet connection. But even non-technical companies are giving remote a try. Japanese companies have traditionally been very slow to make changes. However the benefits of remote work seem to be evident enough to make them hasten their step.

How Japanese companies will be using MDO? My Digital Office allows users to see and interact with one another within their online office. It overcomes the limitations of popular chat apps by using visual cues. Rather than texting a bunch of status reports, companies using MDO will be able see the status of everyone in the office with just one glance. i.e. The sales team is in a meeting, ‘Daisuke’ has a doc open and is looking for collaboration, and more! As more Japanese companies check out MDO the more they are finding that: the power of visual information over textual-only information for remote collaboration is incomparable.


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January 27th, 2020