Online virtual office pricing.

At My Digital Office, we believe that pricing should be fair and easy to understand. The online virtual office industry has multiple providers who all seem intent on making it hard to enter the market, from a users prospective. One currently needs to worry about pricing per seat, per month, and what happens as usage of the space grows. Will we be stuck with an unpredictable provider, that may increase prices, or create un-transparent cancellation policies? With MDO, not anymore.

My Digital Office is committed to clear pricing, that is dead-easy to understand. We will never raise prices on existing users and you can request a cancellation at any time; you will not be charged again after you cancel, period.

We work with our users, whether they are big enterprises, small businesses, universities or schools, and virtual event teams, to get the best results for the best price. This is our commitment to our users. We are in the service industry, and we are honored to be serving you and your endeavors! Thinking about making a switch? Try My Digital Office free today.


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August 24th, 2020