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Where you gather matters.

After weeks of social distancing we have grown tired of using conference apps, for remote learning. So we decided to repurpose our virtual office space into a bais medrash. With Digital Bais Medrash you can text, speak, and learn together like never before.

Why use an online Bais Medrash?

Stay Connected

Grab a seat and start a spontaneous discussion with people at your table, in a way that a phone call or video conferencing could never do.

Dibuk Cheveirim

Speak about what you want with who you want, in your virtual learning space. The interaction is great for getting pshat.

Save Time

Seamlessly go from seder to shiur, from shiur to discussing with your rebbi, and back to seder.


Online Bais Medrash

Digital Bais Medrash is a complete interactive virtual learning space, with chairs, tables, and rooms.

Text, video, and voice

You can discuss with everyone at your table. Use text, video, or voice-only communications to learn.

For Yeshivos, Shuls, Kollelim, Batei medrash and Seminaries.

Start a digital bais medrash for your talmidim today.

"Way better than I imagined"

"Love it!"

"This is great."

"This will help many people learn better"

People enjoy when they learn together in a virtual space.

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Digital Bais Medrash is an interactive virtual space where people come to learn.

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