List of Software & things that have become free due to the Novel Coronavirus.

A few weeks ago, many companies were only theorizing or partially planning to move their work force remote in the near-term. Here in Japan, there has been a massive push for remote work due to the Novel Coronavirus. Technology providers have taken this to heart and have offered to keep their software free for the short term in certain regions.

But, there is no point in giving things away for free if people do not know if it applies to them! So we decided to make a list of services that are free, where they are free, and for how long.

We will add to the list as we see more companies make their software free. Reach out if your company has done this or if you know of others!


(1) Book: ‘REMOTE: Office Not Required’
For the foreseeable future, we’ll be refunding the purchase price of our book “REMOTE: Office Not Required”. Buy a copy, tweet me a picture of you holding the book w/ a sales receipt dated 3/10/20 or later, and we’ll PayPal you a complete refund (DM your email, please). - Basecamp CEO Twitter
Coverage: Everywhere

(2) Unlimited Internet from AT&T
Source: The Verge
Coverage: USA

Remote Work

A team collaboration tool focused on one-click video meetings.

‘Glad to help. will be free for the next few months to support teams going remote and needing a virtual office. Be safe. Work remotely.’ - Tandem on Twitter
Coverage: Everywhere

Enterprise class, high quality video meetings.

Source: CNN
Coverage: China

(3) My Digital Office
A novel way to keep your remote team connected in an online office space. One click - Video - Chat - Collaboration

Source: MDO
Coverage: Free for small teams.

(4) Microsoft Teams - premium Tier
A team collaboration suit by Microsoft.

Source: The Verge
Coverage: Global free 6 month trial

(5) Gsuite - advanced Hangouts Meet
Google’s Gsuite based video conferencing tool

Source: TechCrunch
Coverage: All Gsuite Users

(6) Go To Meeting
Remote work toolsuite.

Source: Laptopmag
Coverage: Free for healthcare providers, educational institutions, municipalities, and non-profit organizations as well as any current LogMeIn customer with the free plan. 3 months.

(7) Loom
Asynchronous video communication.

Source: Loom
Coverage: Free for educators. Free plan no longer has a recording limit. All trials extended to 30 days. 50% off on pricing.

(8) Cloudflare for teams
VPN, networking, & security.

Source: Cloudflare
Coverage: Free global access for ‘everyone’

(9) Catchpoint
Endpoint monitoring for employees.

Source: Global News Wire

Coverage: Global. ‘Remote Digital Employee Experience Support Program, a free program designed to help assure business continuity during the COVID-19 crisis.’

Virus Trackers

(1) US Corona Virus Tracker
A US specific virus tracker

Coverage: Free Globally

(2) Global Corona Virus Tracker
A global virus tracker run by Nikkei news.

Coverage: Free Globally


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March 8th, 2020