Invite your freelancers to My Digital Office

Upwork is a great tool to find and hire remote team members. However, it only provides a basic messenger for getting in touch after the project is started. By using My Digital Office, you have one place to on-board and communicate about your freelancing projects.

Great your remote project is underway!

What to do next? Invite your freelancers from Upwork to join your office. This is where you will build the remote culture of the project and establish basic working guidelines. Using freelancer hiring tools, you have the ability to find talent from anywhere in the world. They may have different cultures, and work behaviors. Where are they? When are they working? What are we all working on? These are all questions that can be easily answered using a virtual office space where you can actually see what your team is up to.

Working in the same space builds team culture.

Where we work has a significant impact on how we work. If you are using a chat service to manage your projects, your communications will become more asynchronous. Be prepared for freelancers to communicate only when they feel like it. If you are using a virtual office space, the difference is clear. Your whole team is in the same space! Be ready for engaging and positive interactions that can occur at any time.


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December 23rd, 2019