Addressing the Needs of the Modern-Era Student

By Ashley DeFluri

April 4th, 2021

What’s the one thing all higher education programs have faced in their race to embrace more online/hybrid learning models? Technology.

As the demand for higher education online/hybrid learning programs has increased exponentially over the past few years, universities are testing out partnerships with platform after platform in an attempt to bridge the gap between virtual learning and in-person instruction.

However, faculty members are frustrated with the lack of features in the platforms which they are required to use, and often seek out other digital technologies to supplement their instruction. Meanwhile, their students are often so disconnected that their classroom engagement becomes non-existent and programs are forced to simulate communication through discussion boards or virtual meetings, neither of which enhance student learning.

So the question remains: How can universities navigate the world of online/hybrid learning and increase enrollment all while meeting the needs of their students and faculty?

If universities such as The University of Tokyo, Waseda, and The Tokyo University of Science found a resource they can use to bridge the gap, you can too!

The versatility offered through My Digital Office presents a unique solution to meet the needs of the administration, the faculty, and its students.

Manage entire teams with one simple tool

Administrators can use My Digital Office to quickly communicate with staff, organize and assign tasks, and increase productivity while working remotely.

My Digital Office also allows faculty and staff to optimize professional development workshops. Keynote speakers can host educational seminars for faculty members to attend, share important documents or lesson plans, and enable educators to break out into collaborative focus groups.

Additionally, faculty members have the ability to convert their office spaces into virtual classrooms, allowing students to enhance their online learning experience.

Build custom lecture spaces

My Digital Office creates a perfect balance between synchronous and asynchronous learning allowing professors to once again have full autonomy in their online classrooms and improve student learning.

Each virtual office can be turned into a living classroom where instructors and students can stay connected and engage in real-time activities.

Professors can easily host live-lectures, post notes on their whiteboards, and share important documents.

Create specialized research rooms

Working with teams of graduate and undergraduate students to conduct vital research to your field of study? My Digital Office provides a place where small groups can meet, discuss ongoing projects, assign tasks, ask for assistance, and check-in with each other remotely.

Virtual research rooms have the ability to store data, documents, and notes. Teams with access to the research room can quickly share, edit, or comment on any digital file saved in the secured space.

Plus, My Digital Office allows you to see exactly what each team member is working on so there is no chance of wasted time or effort!

Watch student engagement rise

The biggest problem with some of the top-selling digital technologies is that most fail to foster student interaction. My Digital Office’s interactive platform encourages students to actively participate with each other in a shared space.

Students can actively discuss topics and effortlessly collaborate with their peers, promoting student engagement and growth. If they have a question for their instructor, they can simply walk up to the teacher and ask.

Professors have the option to utilize break-out groups and facilitate small group instruction; while students are able to create study groups within the shared workspace.

Expand your university’s reach

The demand for online or hybrid higher education programs has never been greater. Universities across the globe are positioning themselves to recruit a high number of students through their use of remote learning platforms.

As private educational platforms fall short of faculty and student demands, My Digital Office established a platform that facilitates student growth and maximizes the potential for educational resources.

My Digital Office is a one-stop-shop to build a working foundation for your educational needs.

Tried and Tested

The Tokyo University of Science researched the effects of remote learning and tested out a variety of online learning platforms, including My Digital Office, to examine if they bolstered student performance and self-regulation.

They addressed the main criticism of remote learning: many students find themselves “learning in ‘loneliness’ without ‘interaction with people.’” They proposed there were ways to achieve “a sense of fellowship and a sense of unity” through online learning platforms, such as My Digital Office.

Furthermore, they found the natural discourse that occurs in the classroom setting is missing in remote learning; stating that, “The loss of this important process makes it difficult to maintain learning motivation in online education.” However, through their use of My Digital Office and other platforms, they concluded that these programs promoted “goal setting, reflection, improvement, and behavior change[s]” that encouraged motivation and student learning.

See what The University of Tokyo, Waseda, and The Tokyo University of Science and other higher education professionals are raving about.

Create your ideal work, learning, or research space today!


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